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The beauty of planet earth

I am a HUGE fan of Landscape and Astro photography and I just love grabbing my camera and equipment and to go out and to enjoy the beauty of mother nature.

But being so busy with all my beautiful clients creating some amazing memories together I haven't had a chance in the past few month to go out and just to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us, that's why I would love to share some of my past work I have done.

I was bitten by mosquitos while waiting for the photo to be taking (sometimes I even had to wait half an hour for my star trail photos) or I had to wake up at 3am or 4am in the morning to capture an amazing sunrise but every single photo and adventure was worth it!

Isn't the planet not just absolutely amazing? We are so lucky with so much beauty around us and sometimes it just worth it to stop for even a few seconds and to look around us and to be thankful for everything!

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