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Sarah and Sandy | Wedding at The Rocks Yandina

Sarah's and Sandy's wedding was just divine!

And I can't even describe how incredibly amazing Sarah and Sandy are!!

I had so much fun with them and their bridal party the whole day long and there was not even one second that Sarah wasn't smiling or laughing!

I just loved every single bit of their day, from the begin on when I arrived at the grooms dress up location and he wasn't even there or when Sarah received an invoice of the groom buying some shirts just a couple of hours before their ceremony, because some of the groom men's had the wrong shirts or when the best men had two right pair of shoes when he opened his shoe box but nothing could stop them to have the best day ever and everyone just enjoyed their special day!

I feel me so lucky meeting so many beautiful and wonderful couples like Sarah and Sandy!!

I wish you both everlasting love and happiness and I can't wait seeing you both again when you are back on the Sunny Coast for a visit!

Much love, Nicole xx


When the bestmen realises on the wedding day that he has two right pair of shoes... Mhhh