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Bernie's and Carol's Maleny Retreat Wedding

The most fun and relaxed wedding of the year! But let's start from the begin.

When I first met Bernie and Carol I knew I wanted to be their photographer for their special day, they are the most incredible and fun people that I have ever met and after over 30 years been together they finally could say YES I DO to each other!

The day was filled with lot's of laughter, love, some rain, a magical sunset and happiness just everywhere!

And during the ceremony Bernie and Carol just couldn't decide who should begin with the vows so they played paper, scissors, rock to decide it and I just love Bernie's and Carol's reaction and their touching vows for each other!

And who would've thought that we are getting such a magical sunset! At the end the day was just incredible and amazing and I am so happy for Bernie and Carol that they finally could get married. I mean after over 30 yeas in a relationship you are pretty much married but even after so many years it is still so special and it means so much for them, for their family and friends!

Congratulations Bernie and Carol - you girls ROCK!!