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Shannon and Dylan - a dream couple with a dream wedding

Where should I even begin?

Shannon and Dylan are such lovely, fun and relaxed couple, and they truly MADE my day with their beautiful winter wedding at the Eaglefarm Racecourse in Brisbane!

It was so much fun from the begin on when I was with Shannon while she was getting ready with her two beautiful besties, followed by a wonderful ceremony where the bride arrived in such a glamour and then followed by a magnificent bride and groom portrait session, it was just prefect!!

And after I got home I couldn't wait to have a look at their photos and straightaway jumped on my computer and was sending them a few sneak peeks already the next day and when I received Shannons little messages, it just warmed my heart -

"Ooooh wow!! Love them eeek!!!

They are beautiful!!! We absolutely cannot wait to see more!!

Thank you!!"

It was a perfect day and when I arrived to the ceremony and had a quick little chat with the groom, I was saying to him "Shannon looks absolutely stunning" and he not even surprised and just answered "she always does!!", awww just melts my heart!!

You two are just perfect for each other and I can't thank you enough in trusting me capturing your special day!