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Mooloolaba elopement, Katanya and Ross

This gorgeous looking couple came extra from Adelaide to the beautiful warm and sunny Sunshine Coast to get married on the Beach with a blue sky and lots of happy smiles in their faces! It truly was a lovely morning and Katanya and Ross could enjoy their special day. Now they are finally Mr. and Mrs. Nitschke and I am so blessed and happy that I could be a part of their beautiful elopement and to capture some precious moments for them!

Thanks a for the wonderful time and I wish you everlasting love and happiness!!

CONGRATULATIONS Ross alias Hugh Jackman and Katanya, you both are finally Husband and Wife, WOOHOO !!

Thanks to the wonderful and lovely wedding celebrant Gail Evans

Great Videographer --->

Beautiful Hair and make up by --->

Stunning wedding dress from --->

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