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Mr. and Mrs. Chandler, a wonderful love story!!

It was a perfect day until a huge and heavy rain cloud came across and we had to escape into the horse stables for quite a while during our portrait session, but luckily it was perfect until than and we had such a wonderful and fun ceremony with everyone!

But even if it was so heavily raining it couldn't stop Megan and Aden to enjoy their beautiful and big day with everyone! And after a while waiting in the horse stables, and the rain just wasn't going to stop, I came up with a little game that I liked to play when I was a little girl (still like to play it every now and than) but Megan and Aden had so much fun and I could capture some beautiful and fun game snaps of them. At the end if its raining you have to accept it and don't let it ruin your special day, rain photos are stunning and the most important thing is on the day, that you are getting married to the love of your life! And Megan and Aden were exactly doing this, nothing could stop them to smile and to laugh with everyone!

Congratulations to such a fun and beautiful couple, you both are amazing and I can't wait to seeing you again !! Much love Nicole, xx

Beautiful wedding venue - NoosaNorthShoreRetreat

Lovely wedding Celebrant - Michele Collins

Beautiful flowers from - Farlows Floriculture

Very talented makeup artist - Makeup Artistry by Lauren

Fantastic looking hair from Kirra - Hair for Brides