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Sarah and Sandy

Let's meet Sarah and Sandy with their two cute little dogs Patch and Scout with so much energy and fun!!

The first time when I met Sarah with her mum in a nice cafe in Mooloolaba, one of my favourite locations around here, I knew we will have a great time together and we did!

I also told her to bring her dogs to the engagement shoot as well, that makes it always much more relaxed and easier. And the dogs had so much fun and they were so exited running around at the beach and jumping into the waves, they truly enjoyed their day at the beach!

And Sarah and Sandy were just perfect, I wish I could do another shoot with them again before their special day arrives! But for now we have to wait a few more month to see each other again.

And I absolutely adore Sarah's flower power Hippi-pants, it looks so comfortable and are the bow ties of Patch and Scout not just adorable!

I am so excited for their special wedding day at The Rocks Yandina in October, it will be AMAZING that's for sure!

Unfortunately without their two cute dogs Patch and Scout but with lot's of family and friends and with a stunning looking couple and a very fun bridal party!!

Woohoo October we are coming!!

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