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Mr. and Mrs. Heterick!

The first time when I met Christina and Scott in a nice cafe somewhere around Brisbane where we had a nice little chat about their wedding and to get to know each other, I knew I have to be their photographer! Not just because we are sharing the same passion for books, traveling and exploring the world, also because Christina and Scott are an absolutely loving, caring, fun and wonderful couple and I am still so honoured and happy that I could capture their beautiful big day a few weeks ago!

Last year we alreday had our beautiful engagement shoot at the beautiful Sunshine Coast and it warmed up my heart when I saw one of my photos displayed in one of their amazing bookshelf-arch! The whole wedding was just stunning, and everyone was happy and enjoyed a wonderful ceremony and afterwards a nice and relaxing reception and all this at a friends property somewhere around Brisbane!

Thanks to the great Vendors and friends to make the day as special as Scott and Christina are!!

Congratulations guys you are now Mr. and Mrs. Heterick - Woohoo !!

Very lovely wedding celebrant Stacey --->

Fabulous and pretty awesome book shop --->

Delicious cupcakes and wedding cake by --->

Very talented hair stylist --->

Beautiful make up by Madi Rosa --->