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Naomi and Justin

I had so much fun with these two lovebirds. It wasn't the perfect weather the day before and I thought that Naomi and Justin maybe a are little bit scared about the rain, but when I contacted them the day before, when the rain just didn't wanted to stop, that they don't have to be worried, that they can relaxe that rain photos are awesome, they told me that they are actually hoping that it will rain and see what is happen, NO RAIN. Damn, ok a short moment a few little drops came down from the cloudy sky and I straight away pointed my camera on them and I just called and KISS, and we had at least one or two beautiful rain photo, Woohoo!

It was a such wonderful time and we had so much fun together, walking through the bush to the beach, arriving at the beach and we were shocked how busy it was there, that we very quickly decided to drive back to Noosa, I know Noosa, right.

But honestly it was way more quite there, than where we were before. And I could capture some cute and beautiful moments of them at the beach. Can't wait meeting them again on their wedding day, look out August we are coming :)! And for the mean time they have some beautiful photos to enjoy while waiting for their big day. Much love Nicole xx

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