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Mel and Eike

A dream couple with a dream wedding!

Mel and Eike created a very unique and special wedding somewhere in the middle of no where in Germany and their wedding theme was Fox and Goose.

And also if the weather wasn't the best and we had to wait a while until we could start with the ceremony it was a dream wedding!

A friend of Mel and Eike was holding the ceremony and he just nailed it, it was literally the best wedding speech that I have ever seen!! It is not very typical in Germany to hold your ceremony outside and than even a friend is doing it, but it was perfect!

That's probably one of many reasons why I love to be a photographer in Australia on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, but it is great to get some destination weddings when you have the connections to your home country if you wan to. Anyway after the ceremony everyone enjoyed some "Flammkuchen" kind of a pizza in the nice warm sun and after a while I went with Mel and Eike to take some beautiful husband and wife portrait photos, I even had my drone with me and we managed to take some great photos from above, manly the groom took some great shots, I was to nervous to fly around there :D. But the best part from so many little ones was that Eike played with his Hip-Hop acoustic life band at the wedding and even had a very special track for his beautiful wife Mel.

I could talk and talk and talk but I think the best way is to sit back and to enjoy the photos, they will tell you the story perfectly! I just can say that I am so honoured and happy that I could be a part of this special and very unique wedding and a huge thank you to the beautiful bride and the very handsome groom and to every single guest for a great day and some great memories for me!

To see the whole wedding day gallery just click here it definitely !!


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