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Tips on choosing your wedding day accommodation to get ready

There is so much to considered and to think of when you are getting married. And I thought I would like to share a few little tips with you while you are planning your big and beautiful day!

I have been in the wedding industry for quite sometime now and it's safe to say that I have learnt a few things when it comes down on planning your special day.

And today I would like to talk about your getting ready accommodation, what to considered and to think of to archive the exact photos you want and will love!

Here are a few of my top tips for you to consider

1. Choose a location with lots of natural light. Light is the key to beautiful photography. Choosing hotels or air bnb with natural light can help you to archive photos with that little extra magic.

2. Choose accommodations that is free from clutter, that has space inside for photos like fluffing the dress & that could fit your whole bridal party side by side without any bulky items or furniture in the way.

3. Choose accommodation with a neutral colour palette and styling.

4. Choose an accommodation that is close to your fiance & your ceremony location. Choosing venues that are close together will save your time and money on your wedding day. You don't want to be paying suppliers for travel when that time can go towards more photos.

5. And one more little tip, also if I will make sure of this one, but it is very important to ensure you keep all clutter, bags, suit cases etc. in one room or in the wardrobe! Keeping the main space clear from any clutter will make you feel relaxed on your wedding morning and also safes a lot of time cleaning up the room/ space for the photos.

But as said I will choose a room where I think will be the best light situation and will prepare the room to a beautiful photographic standard.


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