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Louisa and Joshua - Twin Waters

Every love story is unique and precious, it doesn't matter if you been together for many years or just a few month if you know it, you know it is the right person and the right moment!

And these two are such a fun and happy couple and I loved that they already had booked their venue and chosen me to photographer their big day before they were even engaged! Isn't this just hilarious that you already have booked in your venue but you are not even engaged? But they knew it would happen eventually and here we are, enjoying our time together at the beautiful Sunshine Coast and having a fun and relaxed engagement session!

Louisa and Joshua are such a wonderful and fun couple and I enjoyed every litte moment with them! And next year they will have their beautiful and big wedding at the Redland Golf Club and I can't wait when it comes do the big Yes I do! But before this I will photograph her sisters wedding and I can't wait seeing all of them again, such a wonderful and every lovely family!


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