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Aimee and Chi | Hideaway Weddings

Aimee and Chi's wedding at the lovely Hideaway weddings was just divine.

They also had to wait one year long, as pretty much most of the couples who are getting married at the moment, but the wait was worth it and Aimee and Chi were so happy to finally jump into the married life!

Also if Chi's family and friends couldn't be there, they have send them a wonderful video for them to watch during the reception and this was as special if they would've been there. And now they are looking forward to go overseas (in the far future to celebrate with Chi's family).

But what a beautiful day and night it was and I am so glad we had a picture perfect day with some dramatic rain clouds in the sky and some tiny rain drops during the first dance at the orchid deck for them!

There isn't much more to say then this - Aimee and Chi I wish you both everlasting love and happiness and all the best for you future! Thanks for having me there,

much love, Nicole xx

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