Night portraits

The other day I was talking about the wedding day timeline and this time I would like to talk about my night portraits that I include in my wedding packages as I often get ask what exactly my night portraits are, or when the best time would be to do them. So I would like to share some tips when the best time for it is and what you have to do, that you can plan all this in your wedding day timeline as well.

Lets start with the reception as the night portraits can be taking pretty much anytime during your reception, but most likely we will plan for it after your dinner and speeches (if I am booked for the whole day we will take most of the time the night portraits after all the formalities, when your guests enjoying the dance floor).

But it also can be taking just after your portrait session if you plan it around sunset, it is not a proper night portrait but if you scroll down you can get a feeling of how it can look like and it is very magical as well, you can get these strong and beautiful colours in the sky which makes the photo very special and unique. But for a proper night portrait it has to be dark and I always do different styles, like playing around with a light stick, sparkles, Champagne or what ever comes in my mind.

Night portraits are definitely worth it but also taking a bit more time, as in the camera set up is more involved and depends of what you like the exposure changes as well, it can be from a 1sec to maybe even 10sec's long exposure and you have to stay still the whole time for it as well.

But at the end you will receive some beautiful photos of your speical day that are very unique and that you will cherish forever.

As you can see this isn't a proper night portrait but I wanted the beautiful blue sky and the lights in the background and not to be to dark that you cant see the background

Same to this photo

This is a proper night portrait and I think it was around 30 second long exposure, so the couple had to stay still for a very long time

This was taken at the Chapel in Montville and is a proper night portrait, we extra planned for this in the wedding day timeline (around 20 minutes) and went out to the chapel just after the speeches

This wasn't a proper night portrati but the rain clouds made it very dark that you could get some awesome images from the dark sky and the rain as well

This was taken just after sunset and you can see these amazing colours in the sky.

This was a destination wedding and pretty much during the day, but the building gave us a very dark feeling and I just used a off camera flash to get a very unique and special photo

This was also taken just after sunset and you can see these blue, purple, pink and yellow colours int he sky, just magical

As you can see through the trees it wasn't very dark, but all the trees around us made it dark enough that we could create such a magical photo like this under the beautiful fairy lights tree

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