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Little Lola in her new Family

Let's meet little Lola in her new little family!

Just one week old and so tiny and cute!

It is amazing how much your life will change when you have a baby, you always try to prepare for it and you know your life will change but I think no one expect how much it really will change!

You just want to sit there and to watch her for hours and hours, and you are their biggest fan and protector, they mean everything to you!

It always gives me some goose pumps when I walk into a home wiht a new member and seeing the parents when they are holding their little girl or boy in their arms, it is a smile that you can't describe and their eyes are just glowing!!

I am just so in love with their tiny little hands and toes, it means so much to me capturing these unforgettable moments in life and especially if I receive a message like this "Oh my god I love them!! They made me teary! They’re exactly what we wanted!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I’m so printing them all to add to my wall of photos!! Amazing!"

Much love to this cute little family, Nicole xx

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