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Michaela and Beau

A few weeks ago Michaela contacted me that she wanted to do a surprise engagement shoot on Beau's birthday, I loved the idea straight away but as it turned out it was the same day as my partners birthday. So I had of course to double check with him if he wouldn't mind if I would do an engagement shoot on his birthday, and he didn't mind at all. So Michaela and I organised a location and time for the shoot and it was just magnificent!

Funny was when I met them at Coolum they told me, that Beau actually wasn't really keen at all to go to the beach for a walk, as every birthday kid what do you do at most, you eat and eat and eat and drink. So already full from the day, he pretty much preferred more sitting on the coach and relax than actually going for a walk to the beach. But Michaela could convince him and he we are!

And I thought for a nice birthday git there nothing better and more fun than bringing a bottle of champagne and shake it up. So much fun and Beau just didn't wanted to stop shaking the champagne and Michaele just couldn't stop laughing.

At the end I must say there is just one word that I can describe Michaela and Beau and that is Love - Love, Love, Love! So much fun and passion for each other, I can't wait meeting them again for their awesome winter wedding! June we are coming!

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