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Katrina and Josh

Mr. and Mrs. Swiety- Walsh, such a wonderful couple with two adorable little boys!

It was such a special day for Katrina to finally get married to her true love Josh!

They met each other in the UK and they fall in love for each other. And after all these years they have been together you can still feel every second their true and deep love for each other and it was such a special time for me to be a part of this wonderful day!

To her 30th birthday Katrina went to the first base camp of Mount Everest (which is pretty impressive by the way) and that's why Josh made the wonderful plan to ask her to marry her and his 30th birthday up at the top of Mount Coolum. A true love story and just made for each other!

May happiness find you in every corner of the globe as you begin your new life together! Congratulations guys, I am looking forward to the next catch up in the new year :)!