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Mr. and Mrs. Hunter

I truly love weddings, there is nothing more that gives me goose bumps while hearing the exchanging of vows from the bride and the groom, but what I love at most is capturing these unforgettable and beautiful moments like these. This wedding had just everything from deep emotions, lots of fun, full of joy, laughter and happiness!

The bride looks just stunning and her handsome groom just couldn't stop some tears, while he saw his beautiful bride walking down the aisle.

And her little boy is just adorable! He had so much fun running around and he also couldn't stop to take the great opportunity to grab the microphone, while the groom was trying to get the rings from his dogs Memphis collar, so he just was going ahead to say a few words to the crowd, ok it was one word ---> "cowboy" and everyone just had to laugh!

And then after the exchanging rings, Memphis the dog couldn't wait any longer to congratulate the new Mr. and Mrs. Hunter and just wanted to be a part of this as well!

There are so many more beautiful stories to tell about this wedding, but my tip is to sit back, relax and let the pictures tell the rest!

Absolutely fun and amazing wedding celebrant Sue: - Celebrant sue ----->

Gorgeous flower grown and Bouquet by: - Kate maree floral designs ----->

Beautiful hair styling by: - Hair by Can't comphair ----->

Stunning make up by: - Make up by Flawless faces by courtney ----->

Lovely Videography team: - Little love bug ----->