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Wayne and Hope

“Love always protects, Always trusts, Always hopes, Always perseveres, Love never fails”!

It was a beautiful day at Penny Lane Park in Mooloolaba, with a blue sky, a bright sun and a beautiful warm sunlight.

The perfect day to get married for Wayne and Hope!

And I love how happy they were when they saw each other when Hope walked down the aisle or how excited they were when they finally got married!

Wayne and Hope couldn't asked for more, with so much laughter, lots of beautiful emotion and lovely words from the family.

This day will be a precious treasure forever!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bullion! Wedding Celebrant Philippa Holness

And beautiful decor and flowers from Wendy's flowers and event hire

A few little repairs from the groom

Wayne waiting for Hope

And there she is, such a beautiful bride!

Love how happy they both are!

And this was the part when the speaker broke down and Hope had to repeat her vow again. ​I just love how Wayne can't stop laughing and feeling at the same time a bit sorry for her.

And now finally the first kiss as husband and wife!

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