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Mr. and Mrs. Seuala

Just stunning and absolutely fabulous!

When I arrived at the Sheraton Resort on the Gold Coast and saw the Bride I couldn't believe how relaxed she was. She was not nervous at all. After a nice and relaxing time we moved on to a little boat that brought us to the Island (An Island Hideaway), where the Reception and Ceremony was being held. And then I saw John the Groom and I could see how excited and nervous he was. I think he told me that he is the softie in this relationship, but a few little moments I could catch the Bride with some tears in her eyes as well.

They both are made for each other and you could see every second their love to each other and it brought a smile to everyones face!

Everyone enjoyed the wedding and there was just happiness everywhere!

Thanks for an absolutely fabulous day John and Toni!

I wish you both a lifetime of everlasting love and happiness, congratulation!

Wedding Celebrant: Live.Love.Celebrate

Ceremony and Reception: An Island Hideaway (Southport Gold Coast)

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