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My journey as a photographer began during my time travelling through Europe when I was a little girl and after I've finished school I went on my first big adventure to Canada and I just LOVED it!! I went to Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Banff and I was just amazed of it's beauty, this country is just magnificent and I learnt how significant nature, people and cities are. And in 2012 I started my incredible big journey to Australia where I met the love of my life, Angus. And also if it wasn't easy to start a whole new life in a foreign country, it was exciting and amazing and now looking back to it I wouldn’t change a thing! I love Australia, the people, the lifestyle and it's nature!! Nothing more excites me than waking up early in the morning with the birds  and to drive down to the beach and just sit there and to enjoy a beautiful sunrise (of course preferred with a yummy coffee in my hand) or when I get back home late at night from a wedding and get out of the car and you are surrounded by the most amazing sky ever and you just want to enjoy the moment in silence and watch the stars!

All these little and precious moments in life are exactly what I want to have for my couples, I want to take them on an unforgettable journey and to tell their own unique love story how it really was; I just love to capture all these unplanned beautiful moments & emotions of love and happiness.

And that's why I love being behind the camera!!

I've met so many incredible people with their own unique stories that I love to capture!! The excitement that surrounds and comes with a wedding is something of those moments in life that you will never want to forget. And I just love to be a part of them, I travelled overseas as a destination wedding photographer and I could be a part of lots of amazing celebrations and I think there is no better way (as a passionate world traveller) than to see the world like this to capture all these amazing love stories!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.

Nicole Laufer


    Sunshine Coast wedding and lifestyle Photographer




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