A well planed but very wet proposal!

That's a pretty awesome story!

A few weeks ago Dylan contacted me that he wants to propose to his girlfriend Tia in Noosa, so we started planning how he could do this.

He already made a reservation at a nice restaurant in Noosa and the day before, when they came up from the Gold Coast, I met Dylan in Noosa to go through our plan, so we walked down the Beach and after checking out a few locations we had the perfect plan, that's what we thought.

Because the next day, when I arrived at the location and was waiting in the bush for them, a huge storm cloud came across and I was thinking, Oh Oh, do I should contact him to stop the proposal, but everything was to late, I already saw them coming walking down the path. So I just started following them, trying to be sneaky, hardly could see through my lens and had no idea where I am walking, and every second it got more worth and more worth. Than finally he kneed down and proposed, and right at this moment the heaviest rain ever came down and it was literally just a white wall. I still have NO idea how he could convince her to get out of the car and to walk down the beach. Luckey they are not from here, so he had a perfect plan for this. But still I give Tia a massive credit to go out in such a heavy rain!


Of course she said yes and I was feeling me so sorry for Dylan and Tia that we had to organise another shoot the next day before they are leaving. And the weather was just PERFECT! At least they have a pretty AWESOME story to tell and some beautiful photos to remember of such a special day!


Stunning looking bride to be Tia and her handsome hubby to be Dylan!! Congratulations guys, you are AMAZING!!

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